The 5 best natural face masks that will do magic for your skin.

Natural Face Masks for healthy skin

Well, there was a time, a couple of years back, people were tirelessly trying new DIY face masks and skincare. But now, things are changing; people are going for clean skincare, which is not harmful to skin, environment, and cruelty-free. So it is actually good news that you are carefully choosing ingredients. 

However, the amount of chemicals you put on your face might not be that good in the long run. That is why it is important to turn back to natural skincare. Plus, it is an excellent way to care for your body without spending a huge amount of money. 

What should I be aware of before starting DIY skincare?

It would be best to keep in mind before shifting to natural masks and toners that you might not see instant results. DIY masks would take some time, like two weeks to one month, for better results. But once you get that clean and clear skin, it would be worth it. 

Benefits of natural face masks

  • One major benefit of natural masks is you can apply them every day, unlike other chemical masks. 
  • Natural face masks will help restore your skin from sunburns.
  • Using a DIY face mask at least every other day would prevent breakouts and clear blemishes. 
  • If you suffer from nodular acne or cystic acne, wearing the natural mask every day would clear skin and prevent such acne, which is usually very hard to get rid of. 
  • The huge amount of money you are saving is an extra point.
  • Most of the ingredients are not harmful, so there are zero side effects. 

However, please do not try it if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients given below. If you are new to any of the ingredients, try it on your wrist and leave it for a few minutes and use it only if you do not react badly. 

Here’s the list of face masks you should try for getting glowing skin

Sandalwood powder

This is what we call the magic ingredient- sandalwood powder. Mix sandalwood powder with water and make it a paste. Apply it and leave it on your face overnight; within weeks, blemishes or acne spots will go away, giving your clear-looking skin. 

Turmeric, Honey, and Milk Mask

If you have milk, turmeric, and honey at home, mix it up and apply it to your face. Leave this paste for 10-15 minutes and wash it off. You will see the difference. It is the best way to prevent acne, facial hairs and reduce pigmentation. 

Beans powder and milk

Do you want a mild but effective exfoliant mixed with a super hydrating ingredient? Here you go then, mix bean powder with milk, exfoliate this paste for a few minutes and leave it for 10 minutes. This will leave your face glowing, hydrated, and clean.

Honey and lemon juice

Let me tell you this first, in case you don’t know, do not apply lemon juice directly on your skin; mix it with honey or milk not to damage the skin’s natural barrier. Honey and lemon juice are the best combo for clear and clean skin. 

Aloe Vera Gel

Last but not least, aloe vera gel. I think Aloe vera doesn’t need any special introductions. You can use aloe vera every day; better it if you leave it on your face overnight. You will start seeing results if used every day for two weeks straight. 

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