A Simple guide on how Unani Medicine deals with Anxiety disorder?

Anxiety disorder is the most common mental disorder which can occur in any person at any point in their life. According to Unani medicine, mental disorders occur due to an imbalance of humour in your body ( blood, phlegm, yellow bile ad black bile). Anxiety disorder is a mental condition where people suffer from extreme fear, worry and dread.

Is anxiety and anxiety disorder different?

One of the first thing you should keep in mind is that anxiety disorder and anxiety are not the same. There is a positive and negative type of anxiety. For instance, the stress you feel in serious situations can be a normal fear of something that makes you work and learn more or motivates you to reach your goals.

However, anxiety disorder is a psychological condition that troubles one’s mind, leading to potential danger both mentally and physically. This stress can be constant and not just because of any particular events or circumstance. This disorder can threaten your mental health by leading to other conditions like insomnia, memory loss, and depression. 

To begin with, more than 270 million people suffer from anxiety disorders worldwide. About 170 million people with anxiety are female, and 105 million people are male, which clearly shows that the majority of people who suffer from anxiety are women. The scary part of the disorder is the number of people with the condition is rocketing day by day.

All cases considered, extreme stages of anxiety can lead to panic attacks and suicidal mentality. This severe stress can be managed and prevented by following some general measures of lifestyle changes. 

As you can see, preventive measures are just to motivate and bring some changes to your living environment, and in most cases, these changes alone cannot cure anxiety disorder. That is to say, if you are suffering from anxiety disorder and feel like your condition is getting out of hand, please hurry to seek professional help.

The best 15 ways to control anxiety disorder

  • Get good deep sleep of 6-8 hours daily
  • Consider your temperament and life situation and treat based on that.
  • Avoid stressful jobs
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid alcohol consumption
  • Stay hygienic and clean
  • Avoid darker atmosphere or climate situation you struggle with
  • Limiting your time in hot climate areas
  • Stopping drug usage
  • Avoiding too clouded spaces and give yourself some peaceful alone time
  • Get fresh air and enough sunlight
  • Treatment for diseases if you are suffering from any.
  • Start new healthy habits like reading and writing
  • Listen to music and poetry
  • Get moving, and a regular workout is right for your mental health too

Dietary regulations 

Chiefly, Unani medicine uses nutritious and medicinal foods for prevention of Anxiety Disorder.

  • Limit your saturated fat and salt intakes
  • You should add green leafy vegetables, barley, pumpkins and cucumber to your healthy diet. 
  • Drink enough water at regular intervals.
  • Add more fruits, especially oranges and lemons
  • 20-30 gms of fibre in your diet per day is the adequate amount a person should get one day.
  • Milk would be the right choice
  • Eat healthy, nutritious and tasty foods in small portions

In essence, Pharmacotherapy is the primary treatment method in Unani medicine. This therapy cures disorders by correcting your body’s humour and temperament. Unani practitioners would use single and compound drugs made out of herbal and natural minerals. Finally, if you notice any symptoms of anxiety disorder, please do consult a professional Unani physician or seek help from doctors.