What are the daily regimen for adults based on Unani Medicine

Avicenna, one of the most significant contributors to Unani Medicine, has suggested different regimen for adults, children and elderly people to stay healthy and stay away from diseases. Unani Medicine is rooted in a proper lifestyle to reduce the risk factors of several diseases, including high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, etc. Regimental therapy in Unani Medicine is a suitable treatment method; besides, it is a better preventive method.

 Unani Medicine has prescribed dietary regulations, time to sleep and hours of exercise for an adult to live a healthy life. Let’s see each regimen suggested by Avicenna, the most outstanding Unani practitioner.

Diet with Medicinal foods

  • You should have food only when you are hungry 
  • Add medicinal foods such as fruits and leafy vegetables
  • Eat dates, grapes and figs, which are suitable for digestion
  • Avoid foods that cause indigestion 
  • Do not stay hungry or prolong your appetite
  • Eat enough, make sure not to eat a lot more or too less
  • Have healthy grains in the winter season and green-nutritive vegetables and fruits in the summer.
  • It is advisable to stop eating while there is still some room left in your stomach
  • In case you overeat, you should fast the next day or at least for one time
  • Don’tDon’t corrupt your appetite with sugary and fatty foods
  • Make sure not to eat food that is too hot or too cold
  • Light foods are better for your skin and overall health

Good deep sleep

  • You shouldn’t be moving your body in an upward direction.
  • Sleep on the right side, then on your left side; after a while, sleep again on your right side.
  • Good digestion is possible if you cover yourself and use a pillow.
  • If you feel cold, sleeping thirsty is okay. If it’s a hot climate, do drink water before sleep. 

Drink enough water

  • If drinking cold or hot water, drink at a moderate coldness and hotness, respectively
  • Avoid low quality water and go for purified water
  • Drink hot water after exercise
  • Don’t drink water excessively; drink enough
  • Don’t drink water while you are eating or immediately after eating

Deal with fatigue

  • According to Unani Medicine, Fatigue is a condition of soreness, swollenness, expandness and dryness. 
  • Fatigue can be felt deep in your skin and cause overall weakness
  • Drink enough water
  • Nutritive and moisture foods can cure fatigue
  • Follow a regular exercise
  • Massage your skin regularly
  • Make sure to get adequate sleep

Bathing or personal hygiene

  •  Take a bath in cold water, should change this habit based on the season
  • Don’t…Don’t stay a long time in the shower
  • Avoid bathing immediately after exercising, the only bath after getting a proper time of rest
  • Bathing after your meal will lead to weight gain
  • Bathing while you are hungry can cause weight loss
  • Bath is beneficial for stay hydrated, moisturising and warming or cooling

Regular body massage

  • A good massage will be helpful to relax your body
  • “”The purpose of massage is to solidify loose bodies and firm up the soft bodies, loosen the dense and soften the hard””
  • Sport or prepping massage to prepare yourself or warming up for exercise
  •  Therapeutic massage for relaxing the body after exercise
  • Massages should be gentle or challenging based on a person’s body type and health condition 
  • Stretching the massaged body parts after the massage is highly advisable
  • Massage is good for maintaining body moisture to sleep and prevent body-joint pains

The foremost thing to do: Exercise

  • According to Unani Medicine, exercise is the movement of your body that causes frequent breathing. 
  • It heals distemperment if exercised regularly and properly
  • Training should be done with care, each based on their health
  • Exercise is beneficial for sleep, to avoid fatigue, to lose weight and prevent fatal diseases
  • Exercise open pores, soften your skin and enable the organs to take nutrients that are needed and for digestion
  • Types of activities include boxing, wrestling, walking, dancing, running, hanging by hands, jumping, swinging, etc.
  • Do not exercise immediately after eating but only after the time of digestion
  • Exercise until your body sweat, and you got enough movements

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