Unani Medicine: Explanation and prevention of Bad breath/ Halitosis

Do you have bad breath even after brushing twice a day and washing your mouth properly? It could mean that you are missing out on some major oral care routine. Persistent bad breath, Halitosis, can also be a symptom and cause of some dental diseases like tooth decay or gum diseases. 

Everyone gets bad breath once in a while after having certain foods like garlic or onion. Dehydration could also lead to Halitosis. Nevertheless, a major reason for bad breath and taste in your mouth could be poor oral hygiene. 

However, Halitosis occurs when you still have bad taste and foul-smelling mouth even after a proper oral care routine. If it is not a result of any particular disease or dental condition, usually bad breath can be prevented by simple oral care and home remedies. 

How Unani medicine explains Bad breath? 

Unani medicine considers the direct causes of bad breath and its connection to your mental state and overall health.  

Halitosis (Bakhrul Fam) is primarily caused by food particles remaining in the mouth after eating, digestive issues, and lack of oral hygiene. In addition, dental diseases like tooth decay, cavities, periodontitis, and gingivitis can also lead to bad breath. 

According to Unani, untreated dental problems are the main cause of bad breath. The bad smell can also be from the infections in your teeth and its root due to the spread of bacteria in your mouth. 

Unani Treatment for Halitosis

As Unani medicine prioritizes the right kind of living, its treatment also consists of a holistic approach. 

The first thing to treat Bad breath would be diagnosing the condition and figuring out the actual cause of the disease. For example, if you suffer from Halitosis because of poor oral hygiene, you can cure it with a proper dental care routine. And if it is because of some dental diseases, then removing or treating the condition can get rid of bad breath. 


The medications in Unani are made out of plants, so they are natural and have low or no side effects to the patient. It is also very effective and treats your condition quickly. 

Regimen Therapy

Regimen therapy aims at cleansing or purifying your stomach if the problem is with digestion. Also, you are required to follow a very strict and hygienic oral care routine. 

Dietary Regulations

You are advised to avoid meat, dairy, sweets, and other carbohydrate-rich foods and drinks that potentially cause bad breath. 

Unani Medicine recommends a healthy and hygienic oral care routine, a nutritious diet, and avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption. 

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