The 4 best ways to whiten your teeth with simple home remedies

More and more people want whiter teeth these days. However, it is totally normal to want whitened teeth; it is not okay to use bad chemicals to do the job. Instead, you can get white teeth with simple and very effective home remedies. 

The colour of our teeth is the shade of teeth’ enamel, and it could vary from white to a slightly yellowish colour. The slight yellow hue is natural, but if your teeth are yellowish, it could be suggesting poor oral hygiene. Being on medications can also make teeth yellowish or give them a light brownish or red colour. 

The good news is with things available in your kitchen like lemon and baking soda, you can get rid of yellow and dark brownish shades and whiten your teeth. 

Simple and effective home remedies to whiten teeth

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling is one of the best ways to protect and cleanse your mouth, teeth, and gums. This practice has many advantages, like reversing tooth decay, gum diseases, and other dental issues. One of the problems oil pulling can cure is teeth discolouration. By swishing a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth for a couple of minutes can get rid of that yellowish shade on your teeth. It would be best if you did this regularly and on an empty stomach in the morning. 

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

Mixing some baking soda with lemon juice and applying the paste to your teeth can whiten them. You can brush your teeth with this simple homemade paste, and great results are guaranteed. 

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many great uses, and one of them is to whiten your teeth and get a confident, bright smile. All you need to do is take a teaspoon of the vinegar and mix it with a couple of more teaspoons of water and then swish it inside your mouth. Doing this for a few days will do the job. 

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can whiten your teeth and deep clean them. Of course, just brushing activated charcoal and washing them off wouldn’t do much good; however, if you let it stay on your teeth for a few minutes and use it daily for weeks, you will get a desirable result. 

Other measures you can take to prevent discoloration of teeth.

A nutritious diet filled with vegetables

Add more vegetables to your diet filled with Vitamins and minerals, your teeth will be healthy, and it will prevent discolouration of teeth by protecting the enamel. In addition, eating raw vegetables is much better for your dental and overall health. 

Have lots and lots of fruits

Fresh fruits are also a great source of vitamins and minerals that can fight off many dental problems and prevent teeth’ enamel from getting yellowish shades. So make sure to add fresh fruits as a part of your daily diet. 

Quitting the habits of smoking and drinking

Tobacco usage and alcohol can wear out your teeth and gums as well as the other parts of your body. It is also a major reason why teeth’ shade becomes yellowish, and excess smoking can give it a reddish-brown hue. Halting the habit will change the colour and give you white and clean teeth. 

Oral hygiene routine

Maintain a healthy and hygienic oral care routine so you can prevent teeth discolouration and other dental diseases. Oral hygiene routine will include brushing at least once a day, flossing every day, and using a mouthwash. Do not skip these three measures to have clean and healthy teeth, gums and mouth. 

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