The 10 most effective ways to maintain dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is of absolute importance for your overall health and is surely a manifestation of your lifestyle. 

Nobody wants bad breath, tooth decay, or gum diseases that cause constant pain and trouble speaking or chewing. In short, not having dental health can be a terrible situation. 

Not following oral hygiene is the reason behind bad breath, gum disease, and oral infections. 

Do you know that lack of dental hygiene can cause infections, gum diseases, heart diseases, and even cancer? 

So what exactly is poor oral hygiene? Intake of drugs and alcohol, smoking, not brushing and flossing every day, or an unhealthy diet is considered unclean. 

Here’s the list of the top 10 oral hygiene tips.

Dental hygiene is as much as or even more important than skincare or hair care. So don’t worry if you have bad breath or think you have poor oral hygiene; we are here to help you out with the best tips to change that.

Brush your teeth every day

While it is something you already know or do, we can’t start this section without mentioning the importance of brushing daily. Twice a day is advisable; however, make sure to brush once at least. 

Remember, do not brush your teeth too harshly.

Do not skip flossing

If you brush every day but still get bad breath, it could be because you are missing the flossing part. However, if you start to floss every day, you will notice the change. 

You only need to floss one time a day. 

Add mouthwash to your routine

Brushing, flossing, and mouth fash are the basic three steps to healthy and hygienic teeth. However, if you floss but do not use mouthwash right after it, you could still get the bad breath and the unclean feeling, no matter even if you wash it with water. 

Drink a lot of water

Well, it helps prevent cavities by not allowing any food particles or even bacteria to stick in your teeth. Also, water is said to strengthen your gums and teeth.

Fluoride prevents cavities

It’s good if your water has the mineral fluoride. Water with fluoride is effective in preventing cavities. Plus, make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride.

A nutritious diet

Okay, now how does healthy diet help with oral hygiene? One reason is a healthy diet usually means mainly fruits and vegetables, which would help prevent bad breath. Second, most importantly, a healthy diet ensures the health of your gums and teeth by assisting them to stay strong. 

Make sure your diet contains these foods

Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fibre-rich foods, whole grains, and green tea are essential for oral health and hygiene. The point is to ensure your diet contains enough minerals and vitamins. 

Limit the carbohydrate intake

Sugar and sugary beverages can damage your oral health. Likewise, avoid alcohol, too much caffeine, and soda. 

Quit smoking

Tobacco usage can stain your teeth, but more dangerous is when the bacterias add up in your gums and cause gum diseases. Therefore, quitting tobacco usage is a significant part of dental hygiene and health. 

Do not self-treat

If you have a toothache, tooth decay, or have pain in your gums, do not just self-treat yourself with home remedies. Instead, it is advisable to see a dentist and treat the condition properly. Early treatment can prevent dental diseases from getting out of hand. 

A monthly visit to the dentist is also recommended. 

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