Lifestyle diseases: a pandemic we are dealing with for over a decade now!

 Lifestyle disease has spread like a pandemic, and do we still have enough awareness of its conditions?

Non-communicable diseases, commonly called lifestyle diseases, are among the major causes of early mortality in the world right now.

Even when we are all familiar with the term and the conditions, we lack some valuable awareness of the disease, which is evident by the number of people affected.

Studies of the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) suggests that there will be a 70% increase in deaths due to chronic diseases by the year 2030. Still, the good news regarding these conditions is that most of them are preventable or curable if not in the final/severe stages.

The essential list of leading Lifestyle diseases

Major diseases that are considered non-communicable-diseases.

  • Cancer: a condition where the number of cells in parts of the body increases in unusual levels and destroys the body tissues.  
  • Cardiovascular Diseases ( CVD ): heart issue caused by increased blood pressure against its vessels, blood clots and other issues.
  • Stroke: disturbance in the blood supply to your brain, causing damages to the brain tissues.
  • Hypertension: generated by the increased force of blood against the walls of blood vessels.