Is hypertension a preventable health condition!

We are here to assure you that Hypertension is preventable. It is a chronic health condition that can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, and the significant risk factors associated with it can also be reduced. Health challenges that are caused by Hypertension are cardiovascular disorders, stroke and coronary heart diseases. Every year about 13% of deaths around the world are caused by high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure can direct to vascular diseases!

High blood pressure is stimulated by the increased force on the walls of blood vessels. High blood pressure in your body can directly lead to cardiovascular risks. The classification of BP measurement is Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure. Less than 90 mm of Hg in diastolic blood pressure and more than 140 mm of Hg in systolic blood pressure

A quick look at the causes of Hypertension!.

Did you know that risk of high blood pressure increases with a combination of factors such as gender, age, weight, lack of physical activity, imbalanced diet, alcohol and drug intakes, smoking, diabetes, cholesterol and genetic factors? Hypertension is classified into primary and secondary. When the causes are unknown, Hypertension is considered preliminary. Secondary Hypertension is when some other disease or abnormality is associated with it.

Let’s take a good look at how to stave off risk factors to reduce the possibility of Hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy Diet

Add more fruits, vegetables, and healthy nuts to your daily diet. Eating more nutritious foods and less fat consumption can help balance your blood pressure.  

Regular Exercise

 Make workouts a part of your daily regimen. Cardio and aerobic exercises would help prevent overweight which means it contains the chances of Hypertension. 

Reduced Salt intake

Take not more than 5g of salt per day. High salt use can increase BP. To lower blood pressure, sodium intake should be limited. 

Limiting Alcohol Consumption

Controlling the high level of alcohol consumption will help stabilise blood pressure. 

Obesity Control

Following a strict diet and regular physical activities will prevent obesity in children and adults.

Quit Smoking

The habit of smoking can trigger the condition of high BP. Stopping this habit can reduce blood pressure increase. 

Hypertension is old age.

About 20 % of people affected by Hypertension are old, which proves it more a threat to old people than the younger ones. Also, the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease is high for these age groups. Hypertension is prevalent in people over 60 years of age. Stroke and heart failure are common risks among these age groups. So it is essential to consider treatment along with prevention methods. As cardiovascular diseases can happen because of Hypertension, consulting a doctor and proper medical care is advised for people of all age groups.