How to stop tooth decay? Can you reverse cavities?

Tooth decay is the result of the spread of bacteria in your teeth. A cavity is decayed parts of your teeth that create a hole by destroying your teeth tissue. 

Cavities can be really painful, especially when you are speaking, chewing, and drinking water. In addition, tooth decay can damage the enamel and dentin layer in your teeth. 

The number one cause of tooth decay is the over intake of sugar and sugar-rich foods and beverages. Inside your mouth, the sugar and bacteria work together and diffuse in the enamel, which causes the teeth to decay. And the process of tooth decay results in cavities. 

The good news is if you notice cavities from the earliest stage, you can reverse the decay with simple home remedies and proper oral care on your own. However, after a certain level, the cavities would be irreversible. And you should need to consult a dentist and get treatments like fillings, crowns, and in extreme cases, root canal and tooth extraction. 

It would take a long period of high sugar intake and lack of dental hygiene to end up in cavities. Yet, if you start caring for the teeth and overall dental hygiene, you could reverse the cavities and avoid these painful experiences. 

Here are the best 8 tips to reverse or prevent tooth decay or cavities

  • Use a toothpaste that has fluoride, and make sure to consume fluoride water. Most of the tap water contains fluoride, which is the most effective mineral in fighting tooth decay. 
  • Follow a dental hygiene routine, including brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash every day. It would be best if your mouth wash also contains fluoride. 
  • Limit the intake of carbohydrate-rich foods like milk, juices, soda, any sugary beverages; avoiding sugar at all costs would be the perfect decision to make, especially if you start noticing small levels of tooth decay.
  • See a dentist regularly; a regular visit to the dentist will help you be aware of any issue affecting your teeth or gums, making it super easy to reverse or prevent painful teeth conditions. 
  • Wash your mouth carefully after each meal and after any sugary drinks, ice creams, or candy. Washing your mouth after eating anything would prevent the food particles from remaining in your teeth, avoiding tooth decay and later cavities. 
  • Watch your diet, and make sure it includes healthy food like green leafy vegetables, nuts, and dairy products. 
  • Try eating some licorice root which is known for its ability to fight bacterias. Licorice root is especially beneficial for preventing tooth decay; chew some of it for a while if you think your teeth are getting damaged. 
  • Give dental sealants a try; if you are growing more and more afraid of the decaying tooth, it is good to get your teeth coated with this plastic substance, so the food you eat won’t directly touch your teeth and would avoid cavities. 

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