Here’s how to relieve toothache immediately with simple home remedies.

Toothache is primarily caused by damage to the tooth tissue and roots. It is typically associated with dental health problems such as tooth decay, cavities, plaque, and gum diseases. 

The reasons that cause the roots of teeth to provoke tooth pain are poor oral hygiene, dental diseases, and bad habits like smoking and high sugar intake. 

Toothache can be really troubling and affect your normal routine, causing cold and fever. Therefore, it is absolutely important to treat it with home remedies when you notice a slight pain because it could lead to more harm if not reversed. 

Also, a toothache could suggest some serious dental problems like gum diseases and cavities and eventually result in tooth loss. 

The good news is with simple home remedies; you can relieve toothache. However, be careful not to self-treat in extremely painful situations and make sure to consult a dentist immediately. 

The best 6 Home remedies to relieve tooth pain

Salt Water

Gargling warm water with some salt is a great pain reliever that will give you instant results. If you do this little home remedy repeatedly, it can get rid of the pain entirely. 


Clove is the best instant natural painkiller out there. Chewing or holding a clove in the teeth when you feel pain for a few minutes can fight off that tooth pain.  

Cinnamon Oil

Applying cinnamon oil to the affected area is another pain reliever you should try when you have a toothache. In addition, cinnamon oil is an excellent choice for your dental health and hygiene. 

Cold compress

Take ice or a pack of ice and press it against the cheek around the area you feel pain. As cold compress is a useful remedy for pain in any body part, it is also a good pain reliever for toothache. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can fight off the bacterias that decay your teeth and get rid of the pain. Apply aloe vera gel on your teeth every day to get the best results. 


Even Though garlic can cause bad breath, it is a great option for relieving tooth pain. Applying garlic paste on your teeth is effective and eases the pain. 

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