Everything you need to know about Tooth Abscess or tooth root infection

Tooth Abscess, also known as Periapical Abscess and Tooth root infection, affects the root, nerves, and tissues of teeth. As the name suggests, tooth root infection is a bacterial infection that causes pus in the root, making it hard for you to chew, drink and even speak. 

The pain that root infection causes is not like the usual toothache but is a double-fold pain. Unusual and persistent pain and sensitivity in teeth even after drinking or eating are signs of tooth abscess. 

The condition is primarily caused by the spread of bacteria in your mouth that leads to infections and the pus to pile up in the roots. 

How do you tell if you have a tooth root infection?

The symptoms of tooth abscess are generally the same as any dental issues. However, its level of pain or swelling would be unusually more compared to the others. Signs and symptoms of Tooth infection are: 

  • Swelling in your gum
  • Extreme pain inside mouth and toothache
  • Pain in the jaws
  • Teeth sensitivity to foods that are hot and cold
  • A painful sensation when talking, chewing, and drinking
  • Swelling in lymph nodes
  • Fever and dizziness
  • Bad Breath

If not treated immediately after diagnosing or noticing the symptoms of Tooth root infection, the condition can be very painful and fatal. Unlike some other dental health issues, a tooth abscess cannot be reversed by home remedies, and changes in your oral care routine after the infection won’t be of much help. 

So please do not try to self-treat the condition; tooth root infection needs professional dental care. However, keep in mind that you can always prevent tooth abscesses or other oral problems with a decent oral care routine. For maintaining proper dental hygiene, you need to wash your mouth after eating, brush and floss once every day and use a mouthwash. 

Treatment for Tooth root infection

As tooth abscess won’t go away naturally, it needs treatment from dentists. First, the pus of infection should be removed from your teeth. Then, you can be relieved from the pain, and the perfect cure for the condition is to drain the abscess. 

Another way to treat tooth infection is a root canal. By taking a root canal, the dentist can completely cure you of the dental problem. Also, antibiotics are prescribed to slowly remove the pus, relieve the pain, and eliminate bacterial infection. 

However, in some cases, the level of spread of the infection might require your teeth removed. By removing the affected teeth, the disease is curable. 

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