Dental health and hygiene mistakes you make every day.

A good oral care routine is absolutely important to stave off tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases, and oral cancer and ensure your overall health.

 We all know that oral hygiene means brushing at least once a day, washing your mouth after a meal, and flossing. But we do a few things every day but don’t realize how harmful it could be for your teeth and gums. 

Learn more about the mistakes we make daily so you can avoid them and make sure to follow the right routine, thus improving your dental health and hygiene. 

Skipping the floss

Do you skip flossing, thinking it’s just one time or because you don’t know its importance to dental hygiene? However, not flossing is the main reason you have bad breath, decaying teeth, and plaque. So never skip flossing and floss once every day. 

Brushing too harshly

Brushing is the basic and vital oral care measure. But that does not mean you have to apply so much force when brushing. Brush gently, brush at least once every day and if you have any dental health problems, try brushing twice a day. Brushing harshly can ruin the teeth layer and cause teeth sensitivity. 

Too many chemicals

Your mouthwash and toothpaste contain too many chemicals that can eventually cause more damage than good. Instead, use dental care products with less detrimental chemicals and organic or natural oral care products. 

Not using fluoride toothpaste.

Yes, you brush twice a day, but your toothpaste does not contain fluoride? Fluoride is the mineral that is the best guard available for your teeth and gums. It can prevent and reverse dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth sensitivity. So not making sure if your toothpaste has fluoride is an utter mistake. 

Not using mouthwash after flossing.

Now you know that skipping flossing is a huge mistake, but do you know that not using a mouthwash afterwards can make it even worse? Because when you floss, you clean up your teeth and the remaining food particles, this can cause bad taste and smell in your mouth, and just washing with water is not enough. That is why you need a proper mouthwash, to prevent bad breath and completely clean the bacterias out of your mouth. 

Having a lot of sugary foods and beverages

Love sugary foods and beverages? We are so sorry to disappoint you when we say that sugar is not good for you, not your dental or overall health. Sugar can stay in your mouth and get mixed up with the bacterias and end up destroying the teeth tissue causing several dental health issues like gum diseases and cavities. So please make sure to reduce your sugar intake. 

Not practising any natural oral care methods.

There are many natural ways to protect your mouth against bacteria and infections, like making mouthwashes by mixing a few drops of tea tree oil with water, gargling warm salt water, applying aloe vera, and using neem paste and powders. These home remedies are excellent protection for teeth without any kinds of side effects. However, not taking advantage of these budget-friendly and the best preventive measure is a mistake many people make. Also, you don’t have to wait to get a toothache or gum infection to use these home remedies, but you can make it part of your weekly or monthly routine. 

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