Ayurvedic treatment for Tooth decay and cavities

Ayurveda is a medicinal branch rooted in its deep connection to nature and known for its holistic approach. 

It is a 5000-year-old medicinal treatment that can cure many diseases with the least side effects and best results. 

Ayurveda also has treatments for dental issues, especially preventing tooth decay, cavities, and plaque that lead to gum diseases. 

Tooth decay is when the enamel of your teeth, the tooth tissue, gets damaged and eventually results in cavities, a hole in the teeth. 

Cavities can be extremely painful, especially when chewing and speaking, and result in tooth loss. 

Thanks to Ayurveda, you can be reverse tooth decay by following an oral hygiene routine and Ayurvedic herbal treatment for dental health problems. 

Ayurvedic tips and treatments for reversing tooth decay

Oil Pulling

 It is an Ayurvedic medicinal treatment for getting rid of the toxins and bacterias in your mouth. By swishing a spoonful of oil in your mouth on an empty stomach, you are practising oil pulling treatment. Make sure to move the oil inside your mouth for at least 15-20 minutes in the morning. Oil pulling is one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for dental issues, especially known for its ability to reverse tooth decay. 

Herbal powder or toothpaste

Herbal dental products containing neem are recommended to avoid or reverse tooth decay without damaging your teeth or gums with chemical substances. Neem is very much known for its ability to protect teeth by fighting bacteria and infections. 

Chew on licorice roots

The benefits of licorice roots are the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. So eating or chewing the licorice root every day if you have tooth decay will help reverse the condition. It can also prevent gum diseases and infections spread because of bacteria and inflammation like gingivitis. 

Gargle some saltwater

Add some salt to warm water and gargle it for a few minutes. Do this couple of times a day if you are suffering from tooth and gum ache or notice any forms of tooth decay. Salt in warm water is very much effective in relieving pain and reversing tooth decay. 

Clove, Cinnamon, and Aloe vera

These natural products can help reverse tooth decay if you start using them daily. Cloves are incredible for giving instant relief to your toothache. Cinnamon oil can even reverse cavities. Aloe vera fights off bacteria in the mouth, which is the main cause of all dental issues. 

Ayurvedic tips for preventing Tooth decay

  • Brush your teeth at least once a day with herbal toothpaste or powder
  • Use natural mouthwashes
  • Eat more and more vegetables
  • Avoid the intake of sugar, the food that triggers tooth decay
  • Have food that is rich in calcium
  • Drink a lot of water

Make sure to bring adequate lifestyle changes to prevent oral diseases more effectively. 

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