8 Most effective at-home workouts to lose weight faster without equipment

First and foremost, you need to know that workouts in the morning are proven to be more effective than in the evening. So try to give at least ten minutes in the morning for exercises to get a desirable result. 

However, you should also know that proper and regular exercise before 7 pm will burn calories and help you get fit. Bonus tip, your weight loss journey will be powerful and faster if you exercise in the morning and evening five days a week. 

1-2 days of active rest days is a total necessity to get your muscles and body stronger and adapt to new changes. Active recovery meaning low intense workouts or stretching, just like an appreciation day for your hard work.

 A common misconception is that an active rest day can slow down the weight loss process. This is not true if you engage yourself in less intensive physical activity rather than complete inactivity. 

Are at home workouts really effective?

The effectiveness of your workouts depends on the type of exercise you are doing and how consistent you are. Of course, workouts at the gym like weight lifting and strength training are great options to think of if it’s feasible. But you don’t need to worry about it, because we got some good exercises you can do at home to lose weight faster. 

Losing weight or staying fit means you should be active and have fewer calories per day. So any kind of physical activity like walking, taking stairs, or doing chores is beneficial. However, lack of physical activity leads fat to store up in your body. So, proper exercise from home or gym can help you stay fit.

8 Most effective at-home workouts, no equipment needed

Jumping rope without the rope

Jumping rope is one of the best calorie-burning cardio exercises with the benefits of full-body strengthening. Moreover, jumping rope is considered better than running for weight loss and has a low probability of knee damage. 

Jumping rope without a rope is almost as much as effective as with a rope. This workout will burn 200-300 calories in 10-15 minutes. 

Jumping Jacks

By jumping jacks, you burn ten calories every minute, which makes it an effective exercise. Jumping jacks are worth all the hype. It’s a full-body workout, best for weight loss and healthy heart function. 

Squats and squat jumps

Cardio exercises can improve your overall strength. However, squats and squat jumps focus on your lower body and glutes by toning up your legs and butts. 

The best thing is, you can burn up to 100 calories with a 5 set and 30 rep squat jumps.


Lunges are the best at-home workout you can find, which can tone you up and improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

Mountain climber

You have to choose efficient workouts when you are planning an exercise routine. And you get efficient practice when you add a mountain climber to the weight loss routine. Mountain climber has proven to improve heart health and mobility. 


Plank is the best exercise for strengthening your core. In addition, a plank is a great calorie burner; it also corrects your posture and improves flexibility, metabolism, and balance. 

Leg raises

Leg raises are one good belly fat burner, especially fat in the lower abdomen. Leg raises are an efficient choice for abs and toned legs. Also, it strengthens the legs and core. 


Pushup strengthens various muscles in your body. However, burning upper body fat and arm fat need extra care. To get toned up, you should choose the best upper body exercise like a pushup. For example, just 50 pushups or more can improve your upper body strength. 

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