Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

The biggest concern that brought you here is the health of your baby. First thing first, sexual intercourse does not harm your baby. Your baby is protected by the amniotic sac’s fluid, uterus’ muscular walls and your abdomen. Sexual contact during your pregnancy is totally normal unless you have other health issues associated with pregnancy. 

If you are in the last weeks of pregnancy, it’s better to avoid intercourse and penetration because chances are high that it would quicken contraction. But there is also another belief among the doctors that having sex won’t affect your labour. Remember that there is a difference between orgasm contraction and labour contractions.

During pregnancy, the desire and need for sex in each woman are different. For some, the desire for sex will increase and be more aroused, and for others, sexual needs will decline. 

Best Pregnancy Sex Positions from the Pregnant Kama Sutra

1.Women on top or Cow Girl

It is a proven fact that being on top while having sex would allow women to control and have comfortable sex. 

2. Sex from behind or Doggie-style

Your partner’s entry from behind is the best way to relieve excess pressure on the belly. Doggie style would help women by freeing the stomach and making them more comfortable having sex. 

3. Oral sex

 Cunnilingus is an incredible way to increase your pleasure with non-penetrative sexual activity. It is considered as relaxing and comfortably stimulating sexual activity. 

4.Reverse Cowgirl

 The size of your belly is a factor of concern while having sex in a cow girl position. However, the reverse cowgirl position will help you balance your gut and body by sitting on your partner and supporting the body by placing your hand on your back.

5. Masturbation

Not a sex position, but mutual masturbation will help connect sexually with your partner during pregnancy. Also, you will be comfortable and safe in this activity.

6. Anal sex

There are some misconceptions that anal sex is not safe. However, having anal sex is comfortable, secure and enjoyable during pregnancy.

7. Spooning sex

Spooning is the position where sexual contact or penetration is from behind. The spooning position will be restful for pregnant women and stimulating for your partner.

Do not have sex if you are under these conditions.

If you’re asked not to engage in sexual activities, you must avoid all kinds of sexual contacts. The general reasons you shouldn’t be having sex during pregnancy are: 

  • If your amniotic sac’s fluid is leaking
  • If your contractions start earlier, like 37 weeks before pregnancy
  • If you have vaginal discharge or bleeding
  • During pregnancy, if your cervix has opened before time
  • If you’re carrying more than one baby that is twins or triplets

Sex After Pregnancy

Weeks after pregnancy, you might not have any sexual desire or the need may reduce considerably. However, you should wait until you get healed from the following conditions.

  • Make sure you are completely cured of episiotomy or abdominal incision
  • During the first six weeks of bleeding after childbirth
  • If you are feeling severe tiredness
  • If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance
  • To give your children adequate care 
  • Ache in breast

You should be careful to avoid intercourse and penetration until your body completely heals and gets back to normal. Make sure to consult your doctor on post-pregnancy sex and care. Follow the advice given by your doctor. Typically, it is advised to engage in sexual intercourse after six weeks of childbirth. 

Finally, consider your mental health and make sure you and your partner are emotionally ready, along with physical wellness.  

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