Why should you quit smoking?

Effects of smoking on your mental and physical health

Why do you smoke? Ask yourself this question. Is it because of the pleasure of smoking? Or anxiety and stress made you smoke. Else, you just casually started the habit with your friends and turned it into an addiction? Whatever the reasons you started smoking, the same reason will be your top answer to quit this deadly habit. 

Here are a few reasons you should quit smoking now!

Major diseases and effects of smoking

Lung Cancer 

The leading killer disease that affects the lungs and degenerates its functions. Commonly occurs in women and men who smoke, and symptoms usually start as coughing and chest pain. Remember, the condition also occurs in people related to smokers as second-hand smoke breathes or as a result of other toxic chemicals. 

Oral Cancer

Smoking can cause cancer in parts of your mouth, lips and gums. Cancer growth in tissues of the throat and mouth. In some cases, it cannot be cured entirely and if the condition doesn’t get the proper treatment, it might lead to death. 


COPD is a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease. To put it simply, COPD is a condition where it is hard to breathe. It happens because of several disorders in your lungs that block the airflow and cause you trouble breathing. 

Sexual dysfunction

Decreased sexual drive, especially in men, is one of the results of smoking. Erectile difficulty is a common cause in men who smoke regularly. 

Reproductive problems in women

The habit of smoking in women will lead to trouble getting pregnant, increased risk of delivery, and can sometimes cause health issues in the baby. 


When the number of skin cells multiplies at an increasing level, it leads to skin damages. People who smoke are under the risk factor of this rash/skin damage. 

Ageing skin beyond normal

Along with several skin damages, smoking can speed up your skin’s ageing process. When you smoke, your skin will age more than what is normal for your age.  

Type 2 Diabetes 

Type 2 diabetes (Non-insulin-dependent diabetes) is the most common form of the disease. It usually occurs in middle-aged and old aged people. This happens because of the high amount of glucose in the blood and urine. Smoking can trigger the growth of this disease.

Hygiene issues

Constant smells from your hair, body, clothes you use is a serious hygiene problem. Smoking can stain your teeth and gums, plus it can lead to infections. 


Tobacco use can lead to blood cancer in you by affecting tissues that form blood, including bone marrow. This condition is a dangerous and leading cause of deaths worldwide. 

Heart issues

The habit of smoking increases the possibility of coronary heart diseases. The risk of heart disease in a smoker is about 25% more than nonsmokers. 

Loss of sight/blindness

Did you know that smoking can lead to blurred vision or blindness in the long run? It is a lesser-known effect of cigarette use, but the number of cases with blurred vision in smokers is rising. 

Early Menopause

Women who smoke regularly will have an early end to their menstrual cycle. Menstruation in smokers will stop 4-10 years earlier than others and the average age of menopause is above 45 years. 

Anxiety and stress

Why do people smoke? The answer is stress from workload or anxiety about the future. Even if you start smoking to overcome this mental state, you will probably end up in the same or in even severe anxiety issues. 

Lower immunity

Viruses and any infectious diseases can easily take down people with lower immunity. Studies show that smoking can reduce immunity, resulting in several diseases. You should be especially careful in the world affected by pandemic. 

Blood clotting

Blood loss and damages to your blood vessels can lead to clotting of blood in your body. It is a condition where your blood will transform into a gel-like form from its liquid state. 

Bad breath

If you are a smoker, the odour from your mouth will be terrible and disturbing for those around you. Bad breath is a common aftereffect of excessive smoking. 

Stain on your teeth and gums

Smoking can cause yellow/dark stain on your teeth and gums and damage the overall health of your teeth.

Loss of ability to taste and smell

Smoking can damage your tongue’s taste buds and make it inadequate to taste foods in the long run.