The Ultimate List On The Effects Of Alcohol In Your Body

Do you take more than 2-3 drinks a day? How often do you drink? And for how many years you are under the habit of alcohol consumption? All these questions are of grave importance. Because worldwide, about 2.8 million people die out of over intake of alcoholic beverages. The cause of death of more than 2% of women and 6% of men are the effects of excessive drinking habits. 

These are the things alcohol can lead to your body: 

Liver damages

Alcoholism can completely destroy your liver. Drinking abuse leads to inflammation in your liver. Excess alcohol intake will trigger the issue by pushing the condition into cirrhosis, the scarring of the liver. 

Cardiovascular diseases

Heart diseases have a direct link to alcohol consumption. As alcohol damages healthy heart functions, it can cause cardiovascular diseases and increase early death. 

Brain damages

Alcohol will disrupt healthy brain functions and result in a slow down, memory loss and constant confusions.


Alcoholism can lead to cancer. It will develop breast cancer in women and cancer in other parts of the body, especially the throat, mouth and esophagus. It will also lead to liver and colon cancer.

Diabetes issues

Chronic pancreatitis is the most common effect of alcoholism which in turn leads to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes (Non-insulin-dependent diabetes) is the most common form of the disease. It usually occurs in middle-aged and old aged people. This happens because of the high amount of glucose in the blood and urine.

Sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction in men is the most common result of excessive alcoholism. 

Reproductive issues

In women who drink often or for years, alcohol can lead to difficulty in conceiving. Plus, it will also affect the health of your baby. 

Problems in the nervous system

Alcohol can bring behavioural changes in you, like the way you speak and interact with others. It can also affect your senses and result in hallucinations and blackouts, where you cannot trace what happened earlier.

Lower immunity

The white blood cells that fight bacterias and viruses reduces the chances of infectious disease and illness in your body. But drinking habits can lower this immunity and make you prone to more infections. 

Infections in the lungs

Alcoholism will abuse your body by infecting your lungs which will worsen over time. This might also lead to lung diseases and alcoholic pneumonia.