The 20 best Ayurvedic tips for preventing Cancer.

Cancer is a non-communicable disease, commonly known as a lifestyle disease. Your life, including body movement and the food you eat, plays a crucial role in developing several health conditions, including Cancer. 

There are 50 million people globally with Cancer, that is, approximately 1 in 5 people.

Your food habits and exposure to pollution or radiation can lead to the growth of dangerous cancer growth in your body. Also, smoking, the effect of secondhand smoking, alcohol intake, drug use, and genetic factors can lead to Cancer. 

What exactly is Cancer?

 Cancer is a condition where the number of cells in parts of your body increases at exceptional levels and destroys the body tissues. 

In other words, Cancer is the growth of cells in the body at an unusual level. This cell growth can affect other parts of your body, pushing the disease to severe stages. 

This increase in the condition is, of course, the lifestyle mistakes we make. 

We all should be aware of the importance of cancer prevention. 

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice that originated in India. This medicinal branch is rooted in understanding the strong relationship between the human body and mother nature. 

Ayurveda considers our body as a combination of several qualities like cold and warm or dark and bright. When any of the qualities, which Ayurveda calls “dosha,” faces an imbalance, it will lead to illness and disorder in your body. 

Ayurveda has the best medications created out of natural and herbal ingredients. These drugs can cure the doshic imbalances and make your body back to normal with very low side effects. 

Ayurvedic tips to prevent Cancer

  1. Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. 
  2. Avoid processed foods and fast foods as much as possible.
  3. Avoid eating from restaurants and cook your meals at home.
  4. Reduce sugar intake and any sugary beverages; sugar can destroy your body and even damage healthy brain function. 
  5. Grow your vegetables at home, if possible.
  6. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day to reduce the risk of several lifestyle diseases and stay active throughout the day.
  7. Try to drink 2-3 glasses of green tea every day. 
  8. Turmeric, garlic, and all green leafy vegetables are excellent cancer fighters. 
  9. Add healthy spices and nuts to your plate. 
  10. Make sure your food contains proper nutrients like vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids. 
  11. Make sure you get Vitamin D, as sunlight is the best source of vitamin D; however, UVA and UVB rays can be more harmful; so go for morning sunlight and wear sunscreen every day.
  12. Breastfeeding for more than one year can reduce the risk of breast cancer in women.
  13. Quit, quit and quit smoking; tobacco usage is the leading cause of cancer worldwide. 
  14. Make sure to avoid secondhand smoke.
  15. Avoid the intake of alcohol.
  16. You should try to avoid cosmetic surgeries and toxic skincare products.
  17. Steer clear from polluted areas, especially air pollution. 
  18. Exercise regularly. Make sure your body gets enough movement. 
  19. Practice mindfulness, meditations, and yoga.
  20. Try to get a long walk every single day.

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