Care for your hair with Ayurvedic wisdom. The 9 best tips for beautiful hair based on Ayurveda

Haircare is a crucial part of looking and feeling good. Hair is one of the most cared features for men and women. The pollution and dust these days only increased the need for caring for your hair in the right way and right time. 

We know that women in India have been following a very strict hair care routine that gives them strong, long, and clean hair. We can’t deny the role of Ayurveda in our hair care routine.

Ayurvedic medicine provides hair treatment for people who suffer from severe hair problems and hair loss. 

Here are the hare care tips Ayurveda recommends

Wash your hair

Keep your hair clean by washing it regularly. If not every day, you should wash your hair every other day. Clean hair can protect you from damages caused by pollution.

Avoid Chemical Products

It is important to avoid or reduce the use of chemical shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks. In the long run, these chemicals will destroy the strength of your hair and might cause hair fall and extreme dryness. 

Use hair oils

The best ayurvedic contribution to hair growth and answer to all types of hair damage is hair oils. Applying herbal hair oils or just coconut oil on your head every week will boost hair growth and give smooth, strong hair.

Use a mask every two weeks.

A natural hair mask is all you need for the beautiful hair you always wanted. You can mix honey, yogurt, and lemon and apply the gel to your head for 10-20 minutes for great results. 

Be gentle when combing your hair.

Handle your hair gently and carefully so you can get rid of hair damages. Practice gentle combing, take your time and enjoy caring for your hair. 

Avoid dust and pollution.

Please, please avoid dusty environments and pollution as much as you can. A lot of hair problems can be avoided by preventing pollution. 

Cover your hair from the scorching sun

We all know the importance of sunscreen for protecting the skin. Covering your hair on a sunny day is a necessity for having healthy hair

Try not to use a hairdryer often.

Do you use a blow dryer often? You should stop that habit and reduce the usage as much as possible. By using a hairdryer, you are damaging your hair and causing hair fall. Instead, let your hair dry naturally. 

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