Ayurvedic diet guidelines for Pregnant Women

Ayurveda is one of the best alternative medical practices in the world today. It focuses on diet and organically derived drugs to treat diseases. 

Ayurveda recommends certain diets for pregnant women, which vary in each month of your pregnancy. This diet aims at the healthy growth of the fetus and well being of the mother. 

Eating a nutritious diet throughout the childbearing months will help prevent several diseases in baby and mother. 

How food impact health during pregnancy

  1. Support the development of the fetus
  2. Promote mother’s health
  3. Keep body energetic
  4. Helps in the generation of breast milk

Ayurveda gives so much importance to (ahar) food during pregnancy because that determines your baby’s health. 

The first month of pregnancy

  • It would help if you gave priority to the liquid diet. 
  • Cold milk and cow milk mixed with white and red sandalwood powder.

The second month of pregnancy

  • It is best to follow a liquid diet
  • Have cold milk and cow milk with sandalwood powder.
  • Also, drink coconut water and fruit juices.
  •  Buttermilk, lotus stem, and goat milk are recommended. 

The third month of pregnancy 

  • Follow the same liquid diet for the first two months
  • Have honey and milk in the same quantity
  • In the third month, you should start taking rice with milk and ghee. 

Fourth month of pregnancy

  • Drink a good amount of water
  • Make sure to add fruits like mango, grapes, and watermelon to your meals.
  • Add white pumpkin, yellow pumpkin, and snake gourd to your diet.
  • A diet with rice, chicken, and meat soup is advised.
  • Have milk butter
  • Eat rice with curds
  • Drink fruit juices and coconut water

The fifth month of pregnancy

  • Have ghee, butter, or milk with rice
  • Follow the diet of the fourth month
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat fruits like pomegranate, guava, and apple
  • Add vegetables like spinach and beetroot

The sixth month of pregnancy

  • Rice with ghee is the main diet in the sixth month
  • Fruits and green leafy vegetables
  • Liquid foods
  • Drink a good amount of water

The seventh month of pregnancy

  • Drink enough water 
  • Reduce your salt intake
  • Have buttermilk
  • Have honey
  • Eat fruits, especially grapes

The eighth month of pregnancy

  • Follow the same diet as in the sixth and seventh month
  • Drink enough water, do not drink too much water
  • Milk, honey, sugar cane, and ghee are must

The ninth month of pregnancy

  • Follow the same diet
  • Follow all the advice your doctor gives you

What you eat during pregnancy will impact the baby and your health for the rest of your life. So careful when choosing a diet plan. Make sure your diet is nutritious. 

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