Advice to pregnant women based on Ayurvedic Medicine

Every medical practice advises women to be extra careful and attentive during pregnancy. Ayurveda gives the same advice for the health of the mother and the development of the fetus. 

From what you eat to the body movement you have should be careful. Ayurveda medicine suggests that women during their pregnancy should follow a strict nutritious diet. 

There are restrictions to the food you should eat because some foods are considered harmful to the mother or the baby. Not only related to food, but there are other advice women should follow during childbearing months and few months immediately after delivery.

Here are the bits of advice for pregnant women

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption is forbidden in childbearing months 
  • Pregnant women should avoid sexual intercourse; however, other medicinal practices don’t support this advice. 
  • Do not sit on irregular surfaces or hard surfaces
  • When travelling, make sure to avoid the uneven road
  • Make sure the vehicle you travel is going at normal speed
  • For some reason, Ayurveda advises women not to wear red dresses during pregnancy. 

Exercise and rest

  • Do not overdo your exercises but do simple workouts that are considered safe for pregnant women
  • Do not rest all the time; make sure you get enough body movement
  • Get adequate time of rest at least 8-10 hours
  • Do not sleep in the supine position

A nutritious and healthy diet 

  • Drink enough water and do not have too much water
  • Give priority to liquid foods in your diet like coconut water or milk.
  • Make sure to add veggies, fruits, and healthy nuts to your diet.
  • Have sandalwood powder mixed with milk  
  • Reduce eating big portions, spicy or hot foods

Do not have one meal in large quantities.

  •  Studies by Vaidya Mrs. S Koppikar, a famous Ayurvedic physician at Poddar Ayurvedic Hospital in Mumbai, suggest that “predominant use of one taste in large quantities. 

If you take:

  • Sweet – Baby will be overweight and may develop diabetes.
  • Sour – skin diseases, diseases of eyes and allergies. 
  • Salty – Hair becomes white early, greying hairs, wrinkles on the skin. 
  • Pungent – Weak and may cause infertility. 
  • Bitter – Weak and dry”.

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